Living the Lord's Prayer

Pray the Lord's Prayer with your child at night.  It doesn't matter how old they are and what your other prayers might be as part of your routine; pray the Lord's prayer with your children.  Right now our son is only 16 months and we have been doing this for about three months.  At first he looked at us like we were weirdo's because we were speaking the same words together as we prayed it to him.  But now he bows his head and settles down.  Even though he doesn't understand what the words mean, he is learning that this is a time to be reverent, to be still before the Lord. This is an awesome lesson to be teaching your children.
 If you have an older child pray the Lord's prayer and pick a part each night to discuss with them either before or after you pray it.  For example the part of the Prayer, "Thy will be done... " Talk about how the Father's will is always done and that His will was to make your little one his child and to take care of him or her.   If you are not sure what to say read Luther's catechism as it breaks down the Lord's prayer section by section.  He will give you plenty of ammo to turn into childrenese.  Most important in all of this is that by teaching them what each part of the prayer means, you will be teaching them how and what to pray for the rest of their lives.