Teaching how we are God's Hands

One discipleship lesson that needs to intentionally be taught and modeled is serving our Neighbors.  I was watching the television show "World's Strictest Parents" this afternoon and the Father on the show did a really cool thing with some foster children.  While his motives were different than what we are talking about here, I liked the Idea.   

So try this with your teen.  Plan a Saturday morning with the family in which you are going to go help a neighbor or someone outside of your own family whom you don't know well or at all.  You may choose to tell your teen what you will doing or not.  Get up early, have a good breakfast and leave together as a family. Make sure that your family, especially any teenagers have some interaction with the person or people you are helping.  Then complete what you have come to help with.  If its weeding flower beds, mowing lawns, painting the living room, taking someone to the grocery store, or whatever else it is make sure that you facilitate your teen with tasks that foster ownership.  Before you leave give your teen an opportunity to do come up with anything additional they can think of and make sure you say a physical good bye to the person you have been serving before you leave.  

On the way home plan a spontaneous to the rest of your family stop at a burger joint or something and talk about what you did that day...  

So here is where the learning moment comes... Inevitably there will be the question, "Why are we doing this?"  This is where you get to teach them that we do this because we are called by God to be his hands and feet to care for everyone we come in contact with.  Share with them how God provides for all people through his creation and as Christians then look for opportunities to serve.  Tell them that so and so needed our help and we had a Saturday where we usually sleep in or whatever you do on Saturday's and were able to help.  

I know its sound like an episode of "Little House on the Prairie" but give it a try.  Adapt the idea and make it your own.  This is an important lesson to model and teach.