School Administrator Seach Update

Update 1/22/12
As Pastor Jeff announced in all the worship services this weekend, Dawn Oldenettel has accepted the call to be St. John’s School Administrator.  Please join in praising God for his will and direction to bring Dawn to West Bend, and also pray for Zion Lutheran in Independence, Kansas as they hear the news and plan for her departure.

St. John's Extends Divine Call to Dawn Oldenettel for School Administrator Position

Almost two hundred  members of St. John's were present at the voters' meeting Sunday, January 8th  for the prayerful decision to extend a divine call to Dawn Oldenettel, bringing an exciting culmination to the  six month search. After hearing presentations from Interview Committee Chair Lance Roell, Committee member Kyle Newman, Pastor Jeff, and Congregation President Roy Peterson, the group unanimously voted in favor of Mrs. Oldenettel's selection. The excitement was noted by many in attendance. Appreciation was also expressed for the information shared, both verbally and in written form. You may find the attached documents helpful as you get to know Mrs. Oldenettel. The prayers spoken at the meeting were another example of the dependence upon God evident throughout the process. Thank you for keeping Dawn, her husband Ron, Zion Lutheran School, and St. John's in your prayers.

One of the most poignant moments of the meeting came about when President Roy Peterson expressed his personal appreciation for St. John's present Principal, Mr. David Kellerman. The extended standing ovation for Mr. Kellerman that followed communicated the love felt by many for Mr. Kellerman's wonderful leadership.

Call documents have been mailed to Mrs Oldenettel and we hope to receive her prayerful decision by January 22nd. Your ongoing prayers are most appreciated as we connect, care, and share in Christ!

In Christ,

Pastor Jeff



The search for a new principal isunderway, begun upon the announcement that Vicar Dave Kellerman will be acandidate to be called next year as St. John’s Care Pastor. This exciting venture includes many tasks and the collective work of all of God’s people at St. John’s. Thank you foractively engaging in whatever way you are asked, whether it be to fill out asurvey, be on the interview team, bring names forward, or be in prayer.

As Senior Pastor, I bear theresponsibility of shepherding the actions that our Lord will use to bring His servant among us. Keep an eye on the school, daycare and church web pages forupdates and ways to connect with the process. What a privilege for us toexperience “connecting, caring, and sharing in Christ” in this activity too! Your Pastor Jeff


LanceRoell, Chair; Jackie Drover; Lauren Heller; Jill Krell; Kyle Newman; TamaraRavn; Chris Roethel; Dewey Rose; Dan Rudolf; Brian Scharinger



  • Oct 24 – Nov 28 CandidatesIdentified / Applications Received 
  • Dec / Jan—InterviewProcess 
  • January—NameSubmitted to Congregation


The Call Process

The candidate selected receives a divine call through the Body of Christ called St.John’s Lutheran Church, West Bend, WI. This divine call is not the only divinecall the candidate will need to consider. He or she will also be consideringthe divine call to continue in service at their present ministry. How will thecandidates know where to go? The call process provides a tremendous opportunityfor evaluation and wrestling. Church workers often times wrestle mightily,struggling with issues of timing, trust, and relationships.

While the call process is not perfect, it can also be used by our Lord in fascinating ways for His church, including for those called asministers of the gospel.

St.John’s will be reminded again of the larger church and the Good Shepherd wholeads all His flock throughout the world. What a great time for prayer!

What if the candidate returns the call to us? St. John’s congregation will trust theLord’s voice has spoken and we will extend another divine call to anotherservant, likely one who also has been identified as exceptional in theinterview process. We would hope our Lord leads a candidate to accept our callsometime before March. Timing, like the entire process is in our Lord’s Hands!

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